Printer frame suport

I see that some printers (Ender style mostly) come with supports from the top of the gantry frame to the back of the bed frame while others make their own supports. Is this a good idea or is it even necessary. I was thinking about adding these to my E3V2. It seem to me that anything that stiffens the bed up should make for better prints but is it really going to help?

In a perfect world your printer frame would never flex, but as you print taller objects the center of gravity moves. Which could lead to ghosting.

Or atleast thats why i think people add support to the top of their printer. Though normally ive never maximised my printer volume so it hasent been a concern to me.

If your z extrusions are beefy then its not as nessisary, but if your printer had say 20x20mm extrusions then it may be advisable to add more ridgity to it.


My sidewinder had really bad ringing. I needed to tighten the frame (it was loose) and actually add bracing from the back to the top of the gantry. I still also need to print at a drastically slower speed to reduce ringing and get decent prints. The bracing helped a lot in my case.

Do you get ringing?

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