Printer maintenance

HI, I have had my Creality Ender 3, V2 for about 6 months and have run about 3 and a half reels of PLA filament thru it, mostly successful, some not so much. I am now hearing very slight rubbing noises when it is running so my thoughts turn to regular maintenance. What should be done to a printer on a regular basis to maintain it. Any ideas?

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I use a dab of lube on smooth rods. Clean the dust and junk from anywhere I can find it. I also check the alignment of idlers, belt tensioner and make sure the crews and such have not backed off. Sometimes I take the hot end apart and make sure it is clean, usually only if quality dropped. New nozzle.

3 Reels in 6 months is very light usage. I’m on my 12th reel in just under 4 months, for comparison.

For lubrication, I followed the hive mind’s recommendation:

Aside from squeeking, the only maintenance issue I’ve had is a buildup of dust and hairs, particularly on the rollers. The Rollers themselves will need to be tightened once in a while using the eccentric nuts because they will physically wear down and get smaller.

I’ve had to replace one Bowden tube because of a clog. The magnetic build plate is the only other thing I’ve had to replace.

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