Printer not printing correct size

So i printed a design i did
width was suppose to be 190mm but when printed ended up being only 155mm

i also have the same issue when printing tube type items, never get the measurmemnt i did in the design

i;ve been using Tinkercad for design and Ultimaker Cura for slicing

any input would be appreciated

If the measurements are coming from TinkerCad to the slicer OK, it might be your steps/mm in the printer. Maybe print a 20mm test block, download from thingiverse or wherever, measure and use the ratio to adjust the steps.


I can only speak for Cura, but other slicers probably have similar features.

In Cura, click on the model, then click on the scale icon (second from the top on the left). Cura should then show you what it thinks the X, Y and Z dimensions of your model are. See if that corresponds to reality. If it doesn’t then it’s a problem with the STL file as generated by your modelling software and not a problem with the printer. Double check that before you go fiddling with the printer settings.


Im not sure specifically how to correct this, but like the others are saying try a test cube or cykinder. You could download one, or use cura, but id sughest make it in tinkercad and import it just like you would notmally.

In theory if you designed a 20mm cube, it should be just about bang on if everything is set up right.

If your finding it isnt, check teaching tech’s website. The other guys think your axis steps may be off, so there should be a calibration you can follow to correct this.

Not all printers will use the same steps, but with how far off your measurements to actual print are, perhaps you can tell us what printer, control board (stepper motor drivers) and what your x,y,z and e steps are, and we can try a simple comparison.

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The extruder multiplier settings will change the dimentions. You are having really extreme changes however so that is likely just a part of the issue. Do a full calibration.


I am not a tinkercad user but one of my customers sends me files from a design package he has and in order to to print it I have to scale it 2560% in order for it to come out right.

PM me I can send you a model already sliced that I know is good. if that prints OK, printer hardware is good.

I think it has something to do with the working units. I know they all should be the same but the scaling is different. If everything is consistently 80% of what it should be its machine. If you download a calibration cube and print it and its ok, problem is between design and slicer.