Printer setup in Cura not correct?

I have a longerlk2 and use cura. Normally set up with custom FFF printer settings and manually set up the settings and load a longer lk2 profile. Since the last time i set up cura because of a new laptop (mac) all my slices fail to print. No extruding, bed or nozzle heating. The print heads just immediately starts moving around. I think the gcode of the printer is not right. Also there is not a lot in there. I have uninstalled Cura and the printer, added a new printer, always ends up the same. Longer is no help as this printer seems to be not supported anymore and i the only one that is not pre-setup in Cura.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Anyone with this issues pls see here: Printer no longer reading cura generated gcode - Improve your 3D prints - Ultimaker Community of 3D Printing Experts

SD Card issues formatting.

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HI @jb3nny

Thanks for posting up on the forum, Glad you found us.

Was the link you posted a solution to the problem you were seeing?


Yes after a LOT of searching i figured it out. That is the solution its basically a SD Card issues and needed to be reformatted? It was not saving the gcode correctly with new slices but the models already on the card were fine. This made if confusing. Also didnt matter if i used prusa slicer or cura. So when i found that link and reformatted my sdcard that fixed it! Issue sidelined me a few days, and the fact it was a new Cura install also made me think it was a cura issue. Nope SDcard!

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that’s awesome, thanks for letting us know, sometimes the silliest problems that create the largest headaches