Printer speed for ender 3 V2

I have an ender 3 V2 and not shure what the best first layer print speed percent I should have it at and what to change it to after the first layer to get the best qaulity but not to have to wait 11 hours for a 20 mm by 20 mm cube to finish type of speed.

Hello Kole,

At the Store Front I’m Using 40mm/S on Top and Bottom layers,
60mm/s outside wall and 80mm’s inside walls

60mm/s Supports


Thanks how about print temp? Exstruder temp and bed temp?

The temperatures heavily depend on the filament. You’ll see it noted on the side of the reel. However, it has been my experience that it is not always accurate, so set it to the recommended temperatures as shown on the reel, then watch for these symptoms:

= Most of your first layer issues tend to be dependent on the tramming (“levelness”) of the bed and the distance of the bed from the nozzle. I’m assuming here that you’ve already got this set up correctly. That being the case, if the filament is producing long, thin, unwanted strings where it shouldn’t be, the nozzle temperature is too hot. That makes the filament too runny.

  • Again, assuming distances are correct, if the filament is not sticking, and is coming out somewhat rounded, rather than like a flat ribbon, the nozzle temperature is too cold. In this case, the filament is solidifying before it has a chance to stick to anything.

  • If distances are correct and the filament is being laid down like a flat ribbon but is still not sticking, the bed is too cold.

  • if the filament is sticking but half an hour or more into the print the edges of the print start to curl (lift off the build plate) then then bed is too hot.

Note that some types of filament, like PLA, can even be laid down on a cold (or cooler) bed, but other types absolutely require a hot surface before they’ll stick.

Unfortunately, so much depends on the physical properties of the filament formula used by each manufacturer that there is no one, consistently correct answer. You will have to keep an eye on the symptoms and experiment.

I keep notes on some of my reels for filament who’s successful printing temperature differs significantly from what is shown on the label.

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