Printer still not working

My Ender 6 paperweight has not been working at all for four weeks now. I have reached out to 3d Printing technical support and after some initial communication, things have dried up.

We ran through some diagnostic tests including video and came to a conclusion that the X stepper motor was N/S. We went through the exercise of swapping around the X and Y cables under the printer just to verify which one. And so I received a new motor (thank you) two weeks later. Before I replaced the motor I thought I would test things out and -that’s when I was surprised that there is more to it than meets the eye. As you can see in this YouTube the behaviour is more insidious. The new motor moves on the first press of the X/Y buttons but then does not move at all. I did respond back immediately, but haven’t heard anything since so I suspect it has fallen through the cracks.

Unfortunately, I will be leaving the country in 10 days for two weeks and when I get back on November 1, I need to start making use of the printer (as a printer, not an ornament) and I’m not sure what might be the malfunction.

Any thoughts ?

That is odd. I have had steppers go bad but never like that. You might check all the wiring from the stepper to board. If could be a short.

Yeah. bizarro world for sure. What makes it interesting is that the behaviour is exactly the same every time. As part of the troubleshooting exercise, I was asked by support to reverse the wires at the motherboard to see if the motion went in the opposite diagonal way - it did. That’s when I got the new motor. It was after that I noticed that the x motor actually moved on the first press of the X/Y move buttons but never again.