Printer Wanhao 3D D7


I need your help to configure my 3D printer from Wanhao 3D 7D …
The printer finishes the printing process but does not print the material.

Hey @claudio.paulo! Would you be able to post a video of this issue?

You’ll have to explain what you mean by “finishes the printing process but does not print the material”. Printing the material would be part of the printing process which would imply that the printing process didn’t actually finish.

By “printing process” are you referring to the printer heating the bed and extruder then going to it’s home position? I don’t have a Wanhao printer so I can only presume it follows the same procedures and in the same order as Creality does.

IF that’s what you are describing - a pre-heat and homing procedure with no print - then the likely cause is a flawed GCode. Make sure the slicer you are using is configured for your particular printer so that it doesn’t try to send commands to the printer (via GCode) that the printer doesn’t understand. The reasonable default for most printers (I suspect) when they receive a command they can’t understand is to abort the print job. That prevents the printer from doing any damage to itself trying to execute unknown code.

Also, open the GCode in a basic text reader. Make sure the file actually contains commands beyond the heating/homing procedure. I suppose it’s always possible the slicer itself handed you an empty file.