Printers Available for rent

Hi Everyone

I have available a number of Printers for rent.

If you have a big print job going on, your old one just died, or you want to try one out and see how it works, this could be your solution.

My primary rental fleet is Creality Ender 3 Pros, other printers/sizes are sometimes available.
If you need 1 printer or 20, Let me know I can get you set up.

All are equipped with updated bed springs, BLTouch, Glass print surface, Direct Drive and Capricorn tubing.

The cost is $100 for the month. ($300 deposit is required for rental)
Volume and long-term discounts are available.

If something breaks while you have it, I will swap it for a new machine right away.

  • If the failure was caused by a user error there will be a flat fee.
  • If the failure was caused by the machine there is no charge.
  • rentals are only available locally in the Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas.

My focus is to provide you with a functional printer the whole time you need it and get your job done.
PM me or post on the thread if you need something let me know.


Just giving this post a bump

The most common rental unit is a modified Ender 3 Pro V2

250x250x300 Print volume, I have the high extenders on it
Custom firmware easy operation
Microswiss direct-drive and .04 nozzle.

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