Printing cooling ducts

So as the title states. Cooling ducts.

What have you printed and more relevantly how?

Im asking this beacuse my best printer is my prusa mini (most consistent anyway) but with prusa support settings i find at times its difficult to remove.

Personally i like cura’s tree supports.

When i got my cr10s pro i needed to reprint the part cooling duct. Which with some difficulty i managed to print 2 designs. I did print some more to ensure i had spares, but due to a recent issue. Im looking back at how to do this better.

The 2 designs i printed were the stock duct, and one that attaches to all the screws on the blower. Ibe since lost the thingiverse link, but can try to dig it up if anyone is particularly interested.

I dont have any dual extruder printers, do to my knowledge at this time, dual filament (dissolvable supports) arent likley my solution. Though i am open to learn how to implement this.

In conclusion, what tricks have you used to print wide bridges in petg. Did you just YOLO it and hope the bridging worked? Or did you just do something like paint on supports with support blockers?

Also what designs do you find most effective?

My support removal consists of a razor blade and either tweezers and pliars. Fwiw

I highly, highly recommend this for support removal:

Out of curiosity, why are you wanting to do this in PETG? I’d have thought you’d want to use something more rigid like PLA? I’ve never used PETG, so I have no idea how hard it is to bridge with, but I have fairly good success with PLA.

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I opted for PETG beacuse its mildly near the hotend, and i was under the suspicion/concern of PLA’s tendancy to warp when near heat.

Honestly i should just try and see how well my prusa mini bridges anyway, i tend to add support where i think its needed, or let the slicer do it automatically.

I cant comment on PETG being any more difficult to bridge than PLA, just that it likes to string.

Also that’s a neat kit, might have to get myself one for Christmas.

I print replacement ducts in ASA. I find PETG melts too quickly. The ducts I use usually print support free. I usually only need to replace the Prusa ducts I rarely print anything other than PETg or PLA on the sidewinder, the ASA stands up just fine, The monoprice for whatever reason stands up perfectly.

I use knife side cutters and a deburring tool to remove supports.

In prusa slicer try under support material:

Changing Z contact distance to 0.2 or 0.3
Interfacing layers to 3

Both make support material easier to remove.

Interface pattern spacing to 0.3 might help, I am not sure it makes that much difference however.


personally I usually try to find ducts that will print without support (petsfang for example). I have never had any luck with supports, I have tried CURA and PRUSA but I cannot say any of them break “cleanly” as I would like them to.

On the same note 2 things, Some days I am just too picky so what I consider not “clean” someone else may find acceptable. Other thing is I try to avoid them, like the girl you dated in high school that was just a little too clingy. I only use supports as a last resort which is part of the reason I am not good at them.

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