Printing file not showing

I inserted my sd card into my printer (duplicator i3 mini)
and it says card inserted but when i open the menu it says no sd card.
i am brand new to 3d printing and have never done it before so any advice would be appreciated

The SD-Card Slot has a switch that informs the mainboard when an SD card is inserted. Therefore, the firmware will display a message stating that. However, if the SD Card is damaged, or for some other reason, the mainboard cannot read it, the firmware will not display the SD Card on the menu. To troubleshoot this issue, I follow these steps:

  1. Try Another SD-Card
  2. Reform the SD-Card to FAT32 with allocation Unit Size 4096
  3. Rename the file to 8 characters long, such as “test.gcode” instead of “This is my file.gcode” or just “12345678.gocde”.
  4. Restart the printer with the SD card inserted.

If the SD Card cannot be read after following the steps above, the mainboard may be defective.

Also avoid cards over 32 gb. 16 is usually safe

Personally, I recommend that you never use an SD Card greater than 4GB for updating controller boards.

They’re just about impossible to find at major local retailers, you can get them from China, however.

Or, you can do what I do and ask friends and family for their old SD Cards:

Yes, that’s an actual 32MEGABYTE SD Card. Works great!

Some printers (like my CR-10S ProV2) doesn’t show any files with long names.

I’ve never had a problem updating firmware on 32 bit boards with a 32 bit sd card however, if you want the printer to see a smaller sd card, you can partition the drive so only the desired portion is fat32, and the rest is ntfs, which the printer can’t see.