Printing Help - Transparent Filament Failing

Hey everyone,

I recently picked up a spool of Transparent Red from the great place we call home, however I have had a couple prints fail on me with said filament.

I’ll attach some pictures of the failures I am inquiring about.

I attempted to print a Portal Companion Cube, and today I attempted a small low poly vase. Both have failed in the same way.

I have printed a successful benchy, and a hexagonal pen holder using this filament while using the same slicer settings.

Any help would be greatly apreciated, Im going to attempt to do some filament testing to make sure i have the optimal settings for printing.


It looks like underextrusion. Often a partial clog somewhere in the hot end. However it can be the filament not feeding smoothly to the hot end, a snag or bent reel, cat, all can cause issues. There has been a couple reporting what turned out to be a cat fiddling with the filment before in entered the printer.

check to be certain nothing is preventing the filament from unwinding smoothly. If the looks ok try heating the hot end up then disabling the steppers and see if you can push filament through with your hand. It should be smooth and easy. if all that is fine try (if you have calipers) checking diameter of the filament on 5-6 spots over a few meters it needs to be consistent.

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Is this red PETG? if so it might be wet?

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When you say cat do you mean an actual cat or something else.

It is a Transparent PLA

So I have upped my temperature by about 20 degrees, and I had a successful print with much better transparency compared to my last print, I believe this was part of the issue, I turned down the retraction rate as well and seem to be getting decent results, will try a few more prints and report back.

Thankfully there’s no cat here, my allergies would not be pleased XD


My apologies I forgot to put that in the original post

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Are you getting holes in the print ? the top two images look like there are missing sections full of stringing. That appears to be under extrusion. transparency is partially related to temp but very much related to filament.

Yes the other successful prints I did were quite weak, the new ones are holding up much nicer, I believe it was a temperature issue

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