Printing hobby rockets

Anyone here have any experience printing hobby model rockets?

I’m looking for a few tips - what material worked well? Single wall prints? Recommended settings for light-weight yet shock-resistant prints? Have any .stl files to share?

Here’s a taster…

sorry but I am giggling just a little, I want to put an E-20 in that and send it into a low orbit.

I actually build small rockets with my boys to launch, they really enjoy it,


Ive never looked into model rockets, but it does seem like a hobby i may branch off into. It would be neat to see what others here do for that hobby here aswell :slight_smile:

That one my make a big hole when comes down.:crazy_face:

nylon, and tpu but tpu is not light like nylon

makes a much bigger hole if you forget the chute… LOL

I may or may not have “forgotten” one just to see what’s left of it, in case your wondering, Not much. I actually got a well-used red max to fit in a small sandwich baggie. :astonished:


I finally printed a rocket fin-can in Polycarbonate. The challenge was to get the single layer print to widen up again at the top for the interconnect and thrust structures. Now on to testing!

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that’s awesome, would love to see that baby fly.

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found this on youtube and had to add it here