Printing Issue with my Kywoo Tycoon

Up to my last 2 prints everything I have done has come out great. Using PLA, temp 200 and bed 60, Kywoo Tycoon. I am now getting the result in the pictures. Have already printed this before and no problems. Cleaned bed, did auto leveling. On my first try printing it looked like the nozzle may have a small clog in it. Reloaded filament, it started printing fine but then blotching. Suggestions please. Thanks for all the help

Is that the first print layer???
It almost looks like the nozzle is dragging in that one spot.

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As I am a newbie not sure if it was first layer. Printer was running for about 20 minutes when it started to screw up. Nozzle also stopped laying filament but the direct drive was still moving around the print. Thanks

cannot tell if that’s the first layer or not, everything else looks very clean, I would think it’s either contaminate in the filament or maybe a damaged nozzle. If you have another roll of filament try to clean the nozzle again and print with a different filament. If the problem goes away maybe it is just some dust or dirt did a partial clog on you.

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