Printing Nylon (PA) on a CR-10s Pro

I was wondering if a Cr 10s pro could print nylon.

Hi Lucas,

Most of our clients upgrade to the Micro-Swiss All Metal Hotend: Micro Swiss CR-10s Pro / CR-10 Max All Metal Hotend Kit - 3D Printing Canada

Also, they add a filament dryer to actively dry their filaments: SUNLU FilaDryer S2 Filament Dryer - 3D Printing Canada
(More stock is being added today)

This will enable you to print Nylon on this printer.


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I’ll get some now then. Thank you for the help

Few other things to think about. I have printed a few rolls of nylon. You will likely find you need an enclosure and the Cr 10s pro has a glass bed? You might consider garolite or an alternative bed if you have adhesion issues.

Why nylon? often people choose nylon and then discover it isn’t ‘strong’ in the way they think it is.

I wouldn’t recommend Glass but rather a Carbon Fiber build surface with glue stick on top:

I have to strongly disagree with your comments on Nylon not being strong. If you print it incorrectly or if it’s wet the layers don’t bind together well but overall every engineering client we service here at 3DPC gets Nylon based parts.

@chris not what I meant. Strong is a terrible term I hate it. nylon is hugly impact resistant but it is not stiff.

If you printed a hammer nylon is perfect. It is not good where low deflection (stiffness) is required. If you print a 4mm think bar you can bend it in a circle, is that strong? Depends on what you want.

Nylon is what it is a robust material that has a great deal of deflection before it breaks. If you need something that will bend and not break it is ‘strong’ if you want something that will hold its shape and not flex it is not strong.

It is only strong if used appropriately. It is slippery, resists impact, dimensionally stable, and is more flexible than petg.

Tires are unbelievably strong you could hit one with a sledgehammer as much as you want. No issues. But what makes it ‘strong’ makes it inappropriate for a bridge.

Completely understood. We have a few variations of Nylon coming in this week (Made in Canada) all PA6 but we have PA6 (different colours), PA6+GF (Glass Fiber Reinforced), PA6+CF (Carbon Fiber Reinforced) and a PA6+CF Engineering grade. I think if you tested the different varieties of Nylon you will find the one that works best for your application.

That being said, our PC+ is fantastic and strong as well. It’s worth trying different materials based on the application.

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