Printing off the bed surface

Good morning everyone,

I would like to first say thanks to all of those that offered assistance with my warping issue. After some work, it seems as though that issue has been solved and we are “almost” back to printing normally.

Here is today’s issue:

Today was the first time I have attempted to print something that covers most of my bed surface.
When the print began I noticed that the brim line was about an inch and a half from the right end, and on the left, it printed it exactly on the edge of the plate. When the bed moved back to print the front brim line, it misses the plate altogether and prints down the front of my machine, also hitting the clips that hold the glass bed down.

I have installed the microswiss direct drive, all metal hotend and a BL touch. Has this setup shifted the print area? when the Y limit switch is triggered, the nozzle is sitting well over the bed area.

How can I recalibrate this printing surface so that my prints appear as they do in Prusa? If this is a slicer issue, here is a screen grab of my Printer setting (General).

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.

If there’s room for it, you’ll have to move the limit switches so that the nozzle is in the actual corner of the build plate. Otherwise, if the limit switches are as far over as they will go, you will need to measure how much travel you can actually get from the print head without going over the edge and adjust the build plate dimensions in the slicer.

One thing to make note of: When I was setting up my Ender 5Pro, I installed a cable support on the carriage. I turned out the cable support was hitting the limit switch ahead of the carriage. I had to remove it and file it down so the nozzle would position itself properly. It’s possible something you added is doing the same thing.