Printing PETG indoors

Is printing PETG in the house in an un-ventilated room, its winter and cold here so no open windows, unhealthy. Everything I have seen says PLA is OK but PETG seems to be a grey area on this. Maybe yes maybe no???

PetG is relevantly low risk hazards. The micro dust is a hazard but that is a common issue of all printed plastic. Generally cleaning around the printer with a tack cloth or similar. As long as you print inside the temperature range it generally will be safe.

The only word of caution is the additives. Various additives may dramatically increase the hazards of the base materials. Looking up the SDS for a given filament brand material and type maybe important. For example a filament from imaginary brand maybe fine but the glow in the dark version may not be as safe.

Thanks for the Info, I really shouldn’t poison myself. That’s the wife’s job.

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