Printing RC Plane Stuff

So I just saw this topic of RC related items. I use my printer for making some parts for my rc planes, such as servo horns, engine mounts, servo connector keepers and such. But I mainly use it to make small mounts and parts for old Cox .049 engines that have not been available for quite some time now. It sure has been a learning experience so far.

Now I just have to wait for the weather to start cooperating, springtime, so I can see for myself whether or not PLA will hold up against nitro glow fuel, or do I have to switch to PETG for my RC prints.


OMS…F! (Oh my sore fingers!) I remember those cox engines!!


I have never really done any RC plane things (not counting the cheapie helicopters) but I have piloted big kites for a really long time (15 years). I am super interested in how you make out with this.

I have watched others try to print air foils. I have often wondered if anyone has tried to print structure and use cloth covering over?

Is this only practical on larger planes? I’m just curious.


If I have a minute tonight I will grab a picture of some of the plane stuff I have printed.

Cool I am very excited to see what you are doing!

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So here is what I have printed for my stuff so far. A couple control horns, many servo connector keepers of various types, a couple engine mounts and adapters, propeller thrust washer, starter cams and a couple wing and tail alignment jigs. White and black parts are PLA, and the yellow is PETG.


The bottom picture, I did not clean the strings off from the adhesion base before taking the picture as it was more important for the test fit before finishing as I went through a few till I got them to fit.

Lol. Yep, these little guys do bite if treated incorrectly or if one is not careful. Glad someone else here knew what I was talking about.

I’ve flown RC for about 30 years. Along with the usual control horns and things when I need a replacement, I printed a mount for a self-leveling camera mount for one of my quadcopters. For that same copter, I printed a little “billboard” with my name & phone number. I printed it in white with a raised border and raised lettering. Then I painted inside the box with black acrylic and flat sanded it until all the white was revealed.

Looks pretty good. I have to redo it now with my MAAC and license numbers.


I just started printing a whole RC plane. Should be interesting…seeing as I have never flown one. :rofl:


@CobraGuy That looks great! I am excited to see how your project progresses!

Welcome to the form!

I’ll start by saying welcome and that I love that plane. Where did you get the files?

I hate to be a wet blanket, but you would be well advised to not start your R/C flying with that plane.

That’s a low wing fighter, very maneuverable. I would predict a very short first flight.

IMHO, after you finish that one, make another one. Something like a Cessna 172 or a Piper Cub, or any one of dozens of trainer aircraft.

Once you can fly well with that, move up to the “sexier” planes.

Better yet, join a local R/C club and get an instructor. They will check out your plane, and give you a much better chance of “survival”.

Just my opinion.

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I got the files from

I am sure the first flight will be short…but I guess I can always print another if it crashes :slight_smile:

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That plane looks great. Were you planning on attempting to fly it as it appears, or were you planning on painting it up first? But as was mentioned earlier. It is not a beginners plane, so may not last that long. Don’t get too attached to it.

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