Printing through Creality Cloud using Box 2.0

When printing a gcode created in Cura 5.2.1 directly from a Creality Cloud print through my Creality 2.0 Box it is generating multiple G29 gcode. My ender 3 S1 Plus goes through 3 auto levelling routines before it starts printing. If I run the same gcode directly from the SD card in the printer it only does the one G29 set up.

Anyone else experience this or know if there is a way to clear this in the cloud print?


open the Gcode file in a text editor, if something else is adding an additional start the Gcode script in there hopefully the comments will tell you where it was added.

You can read it there and see the actual Gcode file, I would suspect that cura adds it, Creality cloud adds it, and then the Wifi box adds it as a part of the startup procedure.

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Thanks Jason.

That is part of the issue. Once it is in the Cloud you can’t download it. You can only send it to your printer. You can’t even get it after it prints. But I like that you don’t need to place the slice on the SD card and I can simply run it from my laptop or phone direct to the printer. I can put up with the multople levelling test until they get it sorted out.

I opened the gcode from Cura and definitely only one G29.

I like what you are thinking and you are most likely right. I will test it by removing the one from Cura before I send it to the cloud. Thanks for the idea. I will update with my finding.

I have brought this to Creality’s attention hoping they will get back to me.

Hi @Blenky

thanks for the update, I am suspecting that you have to setup a printer in the cloud and it prolly adds its own start code, on top of what you are sending in Cura. I have not used it but that’s my suspect anyway.

Glad to see the result.

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Here is the latest update. I was suspecting that maybe the issue was from the Creality Cloud Upload extension in Cura so I did the following.

Test #1
Sliced a test file with CURA and saved it to my desktop. Then I edited it to remove the G29 code. Used the Creality Cloud upload to place in in my cloud files then sent it to my printer. I was surprised that it did not do any bed levelling at all and started printing as soon as the temps were reached.

Also found out that you cannot cancel a Cloud Print from your printer. It can only be cancelled with the Cloud App or being logged into your account on my laptop. Which is a bummer. I guess I probably could have unplugged the Box 2.0.

Test #2
I used the same sliced file from my desktop and edited it to put the single G29 code back in. Followed the same procedure to print it and low and behold it did the 3 levelling routines again before starting to print.

Hopefully Creality will get back to me soon.

that is truly bizarre, I cannot think of a logical reason why adding 1X G29 would cause it to run 3 times.

I agree - very bizarre that it would do this. I think it must be a bug on Creality’s side somewhere. I have reported it to them but no response yet.

Thanks for the help Jason. I appreciate it.

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anytime, I truly love troubleshooting stuff, anything really but printers are just fun

@Jason I have an update after many emails back and forth from Creality over the last couple of weeks. They had me run numerous tests (pretty much what I was doing before) and finally determined the issue is in the WiFi Box 2.0. They even sent me a new firmware to flash the box and it did not correct the issue.

They have now sent the issue to their “R&D” and will get back to me with their response. For now I am manually doing an auto bed levelling, then running the gcode from the cloud with no G29 in it. It is not really a big issue but just one that they should be addressing.

I like the fact that I can monitor my print from anywhere and I have the ability to shut it down if it goes bad.

Will post new update when I hear back from them.

HI, @Blenky thanks for the update.

It’s good they are sending it up the chain, I am sure you are not the only one experiencing it.

The worst part is I can almost tell where it’s coming from, Someone has a bad IF/Then loop in the Parser file. I would guess it’s going to be a server-side fix with the Cloud manager. One day you will check it and “poof” it will work correctly.