Printing With a Ender 5 Pro Tips

Hi everyone, I have started printing with my Ender 5 pro for a few months now, with 0.4mm and 0.2mm nozzle.

I have learned a lot of interesting things about printing and problems.

If you have the same Printer as me, I’m sure we can be useful for each others.

I’m Dominic from Boisbriand, Quebec. I also speak french.

Have a great day.

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I have had my ender 5 pro for only a week now. great printer the only problem i have had so far is bed adhesion on a large print

Hi Dragonscale, yes adhesion is an issue with my Ender too. The solution is a Borosilicate glass plate.

If you search on the web you will see that almost everybody do this upgrade on a lot of 3D printer.
I also put blue painters tape on the glass to help adhesion.

The blue painter tape, you can put it directly on the Ender plate the only problem is, when the print will be finish, the large print you will have done, will be stick on the plate, really stick so pulling the part on the Ender heat plate will put bad pressure on the plate springs and guiding bar so you will un-adjust everything and maybe broke something.

That’s why I like the Borosilicate glass because, you put the tape on the glass, on your table or whatever and after you’re done, you put the glass plate on the Ender heating plate, you put 4 small binder clips to hold the glass plate. Now you have more thickness, than before so DON’T AUTO HOME.
Otherwise the nozzle can break the glass, so you will have to adjust the screw at the back of the Ender heat plate between the 2 holding bars.

When the print is done, you let it cool and after you remove the 4 clips on the glass plate, remove the print with the stick glass plate and remove the print with a plaster spatula on a table more easily than working directly on the Ender plate.

Hope this helps.

Have a good day.

I have joined a Picture of my printer I don’t know if it will work.


Ender 5 pro owners should print 2 upgrades for their printers right away. The heat bed wires should have a strain relief (Thingiverse #3338381) and bed supports
(Thingiverse #3479330).

I had many issue with bed adhesion as well. Since switching to the Wham Bam Plex surface the success rate :ok_hand: improved dramatically. It costs a hundred dollars but it’s worth it! Acts like glass but without the drawbacks. Ie. Clips, breaks, nozzle gouges etc…

Shot of my Ender 5 Pro rig :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does anyone have Cura settings for printing TPU? Or Flex PLA?

Having trouble with the filament jamming in the drive motor area.

Thanks for any suggestions

Hi Resnik,

yes, I use also Cura for my print, if it’s the same problem I already haved, the problem is the number of retraction is too high so the filament get compress and cannot pass in the Capricorn blue tubing. So you have to reduce the amount of retraction of the filament in Cura

Hope this helps.

Have a good day.


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