Printing with different colors

I have a project that requires I print several different colored layers.
I have an Ender 3 V2 and I am using PrusaSlicer v 2.3 on the advanced level.
I think that I set up the various layers correctly with the right hand slider but when I printed it, it did not pause for the color change and printed everything in the base color.
Does anyone have any experience with multiple colors or any thoughts on where I went wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.

I’m using Cura. I also don’t own an E3V2, but rather an E5Pro. I learned very quickly that the Marlin firmware does not handle the Change Filament command. Instead, I use the Pause at Layer function of Cura which adds GCode to move the print head away at the start of the specified layer, keep the hotend hot while you change the filament, and respond to the press of the button to resume printing. It works well but I don’t know if there’s a Prusa equivalent. There probably is. Pause at Layer is usually used if you wanted to insert a nut or a magnet into a print, so you may not intuitively think of it in terms of changing filament. Note that the default for Cura is to turn the heat off when it pauses (because it’s expecting you to add hardware) and as a result, if used with default settings, the hotend cools, trapping the filament. Keep an eye out for that in Prusa as I’m sure there is an equivalent but they may also default to turning off the heater.

An arguably better solution is to replace the firmware with a version that has the Change FIlament GCode enabled. I’ve never done this, so I’ll have to leave it to someone else to advise you of what firmware handles it cleanly.

Thanks Lego, Does anyone have any suggestions re firmware changes, software changes, etc. I would really like to be able to do multicolor printing!

On thinking about it, the next thing that I should do is look at the gcode that Prusaslicer is putting out. (not something that I really want to get into!) Does anyone have any recommendations for a relatively simple, freeware or no charge, gcode editor.
I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts.

I don’t yet see anything special about marlin gcode that needs a special editor other than notepad or Notepad ++

GCode is indeed just text. However, may I suggest trying Cura for a test print to verify that the appropriate codes work on your printer. i.e. start with something you already know works to eliminate any possibility that you used the wrong gcode or put it in the wrong place. Once you’ve confirmed it works under Cura try to apply it to Prusa from there.

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This might be useful. Instructions from Prusaslicer for colour change.

For an Ender 3 I do this 2 ways using Cura

1: Make each colour a seperate file. Make sure they are all at the same place on the bed. I save each file and adjust the Z offset to the appropriate height to start (the layer or mm height it would start at) for each colour. Print one after the other.

2: I pause at the end of each colour and then change the filament when the hot end is parked. If the temperature starts to drop you can increase it using the LCD (Tune). Manually extrude until the colour is purged and then resume print.

I have no experience with Prusa but I hope this helps.

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