Printing with PETG

Just received a roll of petg and have tried it a few times with limited success. My biggest problem seems to be a skipping feeder after about 2 hours of printing. I think the problem is caused by the base of the printed object warping and as the hot end tries to print the next layer it can not extrude, pressure builds up and the feeder skips and the problem just gets bigger. I think if the warping problem was solved the print would be successful. I use Magigo exclusively as a bed adherent. Any suggestions?

Sorry, no suggestions from me, but I’ll tag myself in here so I get notified of other people’s suggestions. I have one roll of PETG but haven’t tried it yet, partly because I really don’t know what I’m doing with it.

I have never really had any issues with Petg. I have more troubles with PLA to be honest. Personally all the higher temp materials IMO need an enclosure the ambient air needs to be 40-70º. Skipping could be as you think but I would not thing that first I’d check the tension of the extruded feed, and be certain there is no nozzle issue. If I were you I’d also check the temps of the hot end. Both issues could be under temps.

Agree with enclosure. I had lots of warping problems that got better or worse depending where my printer was located.
After putting it in an enclosure the warping seems to be solved to the point that I’m almost ignoring the use of magigoo. I use to religiously clean my bed and reapply magigoo before but I don’t think I’ve cleaned it for the last 10 prints at least.

I had skipping issue with the stock creality hot end and extruder which were solved with microswiss hot end and extruder. Not sure what your setup is but those were the two things that turned PETG from a lot of headache to printing pretty reliably for me.