Prints not centered

Could use some help, spent some hours now but to no avail. Auto home homes to my CR Touch instead of the nozzle so any time I try to print it’s way off center alignment. Ender 3 Pro. Thanks for any advice in advance.

Did you add the cr touch as a mod? Also did you build your own firmware for it or useing creality’s firmware with the cr touch for your printer.

Is the hotend and x carriage stock for the printer?

Im suspecting the x offset and possibly slightly y offset is incorrectly set in the firmware. If you compiled it then it should be an easy fix. If not then please post a link of the firmware you used.

Currently using Marlin compiled firmware I built but I have the same result using stock firmware from Crealitys website as well. I added the touch as a mod and I do have a Spider all metal hotend though my results were the same before I added that. The x carriage is stock. I’m also using a Creality Sonic Pad for the ease of using Klipper but that was something I added yesterday and this has been an ongoing problem since day 1.