Prints stick to the vat bottom

About half way through a print it starts sticking to the bottom of the vat. I was doing a big print last night and it got about a quarter of the way finished and started sticking to the vat. Even when I do multiple small prints some of them always fail because it is stuck to the vat. What can I do?

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this! What curing time are you using for your layers, and what curing time are you using for the bottom layer? What brand of resin are you using?

Have you made sure your build plate is level, I struggled with getting prints to stick for a while and that ended up being the culprit!


I have had the same problem sometimes. My initial thought is lack of appropriate supports. sometimes a couple more in the area of the fail will help.

I never had this problem with anycubic

Try printing some presupported stuff and see if you get good results. Where did you get your settings from? Lychee has a good setup for resin settings. For me it was in the supports and a bit more exposure, im at 2.8 right now. Exposure is tied to the temperature of your print area/vat.

Here is what my prints look like. It gets half way finished then I get this.

Looks almost like there was a big overhang that it tried to cure, have you made sure that your model has been supported properly?