Prisa SLS1 Speed, anyone going for it?

Prusa just released their first updated/upgraded SLS printer. Im mot currently involved in resin printing, but am keeping an eye on how it progresses.

What are your thoughts on it? Would you or will you be grabbing one?

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I have never been that tempted by them. But… gee… Joe where is the big Prusa? Waiting and tempted by fast SLA s … darn.

Im both waiting for the mk4 and for the prisa mini wifi to get implimented. I know i could go with octopi, but theres something about making full use of intended hardware that im drawn to.

Im mot yet on board for resin printing, but my wife cant wait dor me to get started with it.

I work with so many chemicals at work for so many years I don’t like the thought of bringing in to my home something as toxic as SLA resins. I have enough worries with chemicals that are skin sensitizers I really don’t need another.

That is going to bite quite a lot of people whom are really cavalier with PPE. It is a concern for photo people, allergic contact dermatitis is nasty. I was looking a while back at an sds it was recommending gloves, eye shields, face shield, apron, and impervious foot wear. That sounds like what I wear at work but for the respirator. YUCK.

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