Problems with quality with my Ender 3 V2

Hello, I have a Ender 3 V2. A few months ago put the Microswiss hot end and direct drive on the V2. Over time the quality of printing became rougher and rougher. I have adjusted the retraction many times with different settings; used different filament; different temps; z-hop; Z setting. There some improvements but not like it should be. So I gave up and switched back to the V2 standard hot end and extruder and have the exact same rough pattern that is does on all prints, with both standard hot end and extruder and with the Microswiss HE/DD. If I print the object face down, it shows the same rough pattern on the first layer.

Any ideas on what I need to adjust to get the quality back to standard. Also included is the support and it will not pull off from the back. Thanks for any help as Creality does not respond to anything, or if they do it is not relevant to the problem.

if I were you I would put the direct drive back on it. this is not the reason this is happening there are some videos on correct assembly to the printer if you misaligned things on the build could be the reason why I have already posted a video on building your end or the right way it’s a little long but it makes a lot of sense.

it looks like some kind of play in your Y carriage.

its pretty uniform across the print. I betting a V wheel is gone bad.

Jason H

Hey Thanks Jason, appreciate your thoughts! I think you may be on to something. This has been going on for months with both hot ends. Any suggestions on the best to evaluate the Y axis and the wheels?

Again, thanks bro!


I usually disconnect the belt and evaluate from there. 90% if the time once the belt is off the problem is much easier to spot.