Professional 3D Scanner

A professional 3D scanner that improves your business process. The Scoobe3D is a world-exclusive handheld 3D scanner. This easy-to-use scanner can scan any material precisely, even reflective surfaces. The Scoobe3D GmbH is constantly working on a product that truly adds value. Their result: The Scoobe3D – A professional 3D scanner based on a new revolutionary scanning technology. With this portable 3D scanner, you can create seamless 3D models of any visible material and precisely scan reflective surfaces without having to post or pre-process them. At the bottom line, the Scoobe makes 3D as easy as 2D. Let us shape the future in 3D together!

Hi @scoobe3d

Thanks for posting up on the forum, What software is included with the scanner and what would be the minimum system requirements to be able to operate it?

And I would add questions such as:
What is the price of the hardware?
What is the pricing on the various ‘server’ selections?
Can an individual use a stand-alone computer as the ‘server’?