Proper Crimper tool?

Hi all,

I tried to replace my hot end fan by using these but didn’t have the proper crimper

There seem to be so many different crimper sizes etc… which one would you recommend to get and where?

this is the one we carry

I know we are out of stock on it right now but they are coming, last update we got is they are onboard a ship somewhere in the Atlantic.

:slight_smile: Hopefully, somwhere ON the Atlantic. :slight_smile:

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Where are these made? if they are on (or in) the Atlantic and came from Asia then … they are really lost heh.

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LOL to be honest they must have grown wings and flown cause they arrived today…

Atlantic, Pacific, It’s been a while in geography class for me, Either that or I’m just tired. :slight_smile:

We got 4 sets in stock, not sure if they will go on the website as available today, If you need them Fast PM me and I will get you a set.



is there a video showing how to use this crimper tool? I bought one but I have a hard time to crimp properly.

I liked this one.

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Yes, I like that one too but I find the crimper tool for 3Dprintingcanada is difficult to work with for JST crimps.

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I do too actually I have a 3dpc tool as well it crushes often it is finicky IMO. I might buy the one from the video and see if it is better.

This might help. It also might explain why my 3dpc crimper works sometimes but not all the time. I often crimp dupont connectors as well as JSTXH.

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Ive mostly got a hate on these small connectors, duponts especially. They are easy to use for a user level, but a pain to crimp.

I reverted to useing pliers even though i have a tool that should do it, though there are very specific tools for very specific connectors. When youve got the exact tool and connector they work wonderfully.

IMO patience is key. Also have spare connectors.

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I was just speaking to someone who builds thermostats (I know right!) he does 1000s of just connectors. He told me the jaws for the XH (most common white ones) should be 4mm Dupont are 7 mm. The ones I have from 3DPC are 6mm. The thing I hate is why is it so confusing there are tons of connectors, crimpers and mysterious codes.


Further proves my point of if you have the right tool its not bad, but otherwise it just dosent line up.

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I have crimped a handful in the last while with the wrong tool. It tends to crush everything. I also solder the pins by times. My ability to solder exceeds my crimping. I intend to get better at crimping (with the right tool on its way) but where it is important I still solder.

HI Guys

I know the crimping side of things is a PITA but I did actually just buy a back of dupont connectors and a spool of wire and kept going untill I got it right. I actually found that it worked better if I put the connector in the jaws upside down (from what I had seen in a video and it tended to work a little better. The wire size was a large factor if i will wrecking the connection or not.

@kitedemon or anyone on the thread, Let me know if the pliers you get work better, I will gladly carry them in store if they are easier to use. I know the ones we have are not perfect but it seems to be the only one we get from our supplier.

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Hey @Jason I have used the crimper you carry with DuPont connectors too it is perfect. The shorter ones it crushes the tail of. It just arrived the other day, I am on vacation but will check it out when I return home. I can post photo and start a thread if helpful?

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I just also wish to add something I feel is worth putting out on the open. I have and continue to place orders with 3Dprinting Canada. They offer great products and better service.

It is important to say I, and others here will point to what ever store I think has something appropriate . Although this form, this community, is owned by 3DPC and the ability and opportunity to edit such comments out. They never have.

Hats off to you all! Much respect, marketing by integrity and open honesty, is rare! Thank you for allowing such things.



Hi Alex

I have to say thank you for your post. Honestly I never really thought about editing posts, what @chris wanted to make is a community of people that can talk freely and help each other out. The only thing he is ever worried about the respect for each other within the community. I will pass your comment on so he can be proud of what he has created.

Also yes the picture will be helpful on the crimpers, I just want to have in store whats useful. :slight_smile:


I agree with @kitedemon

I appreciate this forums openness to helping eachother out over pushing sales.

Its a place to share our expierence, our successes, fails, ask for help, and get ideas/inspiration. Im also glad we can make requests/suggestions and within reason they are considered or even acted upon.

I wish i had a decent crimper, but the one i have is meh, and i only crimp wires once in a blue moon.

The practice thing defidently helped me make do with the crimpers i do have. So my advice to anyone out there is to do just that. Get a box of terminals and wire, and crimp a handfull of jumper wires just cause.


@Jason I am just back from a camping trip. I will start fiddling with the crimpers I purchased from Amazon. I will also look back at the ones from 3DPC and see if I was messing up.

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