Prusa clone issues with OG E3D thermistor

Hey all,

I recently put an OG E3D hot end on my Fystec prusa clone. I was having issues with the thermistor hitting MAXTEMP which led to getting a replacement. I’m still having the same issues. Swapped to the fulystec parts to which I started getting heating discrepancy. I have been in contact with E3D and they can’t figure it out. I’ve done everything they recommended and concluded I need to get another replacement… any thoughts? Is there an issue with the Fystec Rambo board? I could see one thermistor failing but 2 back to back? I’m really frustrated because I love this printer.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello LostMarble,

I’ve used the “Prusa Specific” Thermistor from E3D and it’s not caused me issues, on the Fysetc clones.

Did you do a PID tune after changing the sensor?

Mr. Keith Guitar, 3DPC

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Hey Keith,

Sorry for the delay in response. I think I figured out my issue. The nozzle kept loosening off and oozing started between the heater block and heat break. This would in turn cause MAXTEMP. I’m thinking in all the MAXTEMP issues the threads weakened then ended up stripping. I recently ordered a brass heater block, recommended for high temp printing and so far 20hrs in with no issues, fingers crossed. I also bought 3 new thermistors in case haha.