Prusa Clone MK3 MMU2S Multi-Material Unit

For my birthday, I’ve been given a 3DPC gift card to help me with my FrankenPrinter. Looking at the clearance page, I see they have a Prusa Clone i3 MK2.5S/MK3S MMU2S Multi-Material Upgrade Kit.

But they also have a very clear warning that this is a:
# Multi-material upgrade unit for FYSETC Prusa Clone i3 MK2.5S and MK3S.

Recommend for expert-level users only!

No after-sales service or warranty is available as the item is on Clearance.

Please do your research before ordering. No returns.
3D printed parts not included.

Does anyone have one of these units? Is it worth it or am I opening a can of worms?

I dont know your “maker level” :stuck_out_tongue: but from what I have read elsewhere, it seems to work very well once everything is calibrated.

But the comments tend to say that it is a PITA to be calibrated in many ways and many have simply sold it afterwards.

I think the palette pro is better, and again it doesn’t seem perfect at all … :frowning:

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I don’t have a MMU but I have looked a bit. Do you have a FYSETC clone MK3s ? I have seen one of the cheap clones. It is well cheap, many components needed upgrading and lots of tinkering.

If you want to tinker great. If you just want a good printer just buy the real deal. The one clone I assisted with by the time the not so awesome components were replaced the cost was not that different.

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I have the Prusa MMU2S on my MK3S which has been upgraded to the MK3S+. I am assuming you are mating this to a MK3S? If so, I would highly recommend upgrading the extruder parts to the MK3S+. The the filament path and filament detection in the extruder has been fine tuned to operate better with the MMU2S. Also latest firmware in the MK3S and MMU2S is advisable too as the new firmware uses the filament detection in the MMU2S and extruder to aid in filament feed. The E3D heat break along with the slightly narrower PTFE tube in the extruder help to form the filament tip prior to filament change. If through cooling moves and ramming settings, you cannot get perfect tips in the break and PTFE, the MMU2S will fail. IMO, the MMU2S was designed specifically to succeed with all these modifications.

Having said that, it took me a few days to dial in the settings, learn the do’s and don’ts of clearing jams, troubleshooting feed errors, how to avoid them, deciding on the type of buffer to use, etc., the MMU2S is great for the person who likes to tinker and troubleshoot, not so great for the person who will not want to comprehend the complexity of the unit.


I spoke to a friend who has the MMU. He said running it on a non purse would mean taking the Prusa specific Marlin and heavily modifying it to work with other printers with out messing up the MMU functions. He thought it might be very complex. Go in with eyes open.

Ahh. Thanks for that. Given that they put that on sale the day before my Birthday and the next day I get a gift card, I thought the 3D printing gods were trying to tell me something.

I think I’ll play it safe and avoid it. It’s super tempting to be able to print multi-colour without using the pancake method, but I do have a 2-in, one-out print head, so I think I’ll stick with that.

Check your email :birthday:

Best of luck with it!

Check out the 3D Chameleon. A buddy is running it now on his Mk3S and results look promising. If I didn’t already have the MMU2S, I would definitely try this.

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