Prusa - ghosting

I’ve had my prusa Mk3s for 2.5 years. It has been a workhorse. Its had its problems and a few repairs but is the most reliable printer generally. Last few months i’ve been noticing the some of the prints have ghosting…not just a little but starting to be very noticeable. I tried a few things and discovered my X-axis tension is below recommended…it was 233…i loosened the screws to adjust tension and tightened…tried it over and over and but best i could get was 253…any tips for tightening/getting higher tension on belt?

Hi Kris

Once the belt has lost some tension only option is to shorten the belt by a notch or 2 or I would recommend just replacing the belt. once its stretched that far you can start throwing off the positional location of the teeth themself.