Prusa mini leg upgrade

Just assembled my prusa mini leg upgrade. Still waiting on my usb extension cable. Overall, its pretty well thought out. The spool holder hidden under the bed works better than i thought it would. Though ive only placed prusament under it. Ill comment later when i change it to something else. Anything wider or taller would be a no-go.


They usually think things through very well. The width might prove to be an issue however. I wonder if extension "cups’ of say 30-50 mmcould be added the legs could fit in. If you were enterprising you might be able to design something that would over hang and position on your paver too.

I got the usb connector. Though it points in the wrong direction from the CB, it works great.

Ive tried a 3dpc 1kg roll and it fits perfectly, do id assume most “standard” 1kg rolls or shorter will fit.

Also @kitedemon there is already a leg extension mod from the prusa printer page.

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Of course there is. There is a fair variation in widths in my experience it is really annoying when a roll is too wide for my dryer!

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I havent run into much change for width, but height (how thick the roll is) has varied, mostly between .5kg, 1kg and 2 kg rolls for obvious reasons.