Prusa mk2 preheat error

So I go to settings and up the temp for the hotend to get it going.
Nothing happens, no voltage at the cartridge or voltage at the connector on the board. Disconnect the hotend connector and measure the voltage at the board to get 10v. I think my board may be fried!? If so, is there a better board I can replace it with?

Prusa MK2 pretty much stock

If I’m interpreting this correctly, you measured 0V at the connector at the board while the hot end was connected, and 10V at that same location when the hot end is disconnected?

If I’m understanding that correctly, that would imply that the hot end heater is shorted.

Now, to be clear, I’m not familiar with Prusa printers other than that they are a higher-end printer and, as such, I would expect to be made with components that have a higher fault-tolerance. Then again, maybe not.

I’ve been trying to find images of the board it uses. Is this it?:

It’s this one. But it’s supposed to be 12 volts and I think if it was shorted the fuse would pop.

Gonna try connecting the hot end to an external 12v source. If it works then I’m pretty sure I need a new board.

So my other question is… is there a different “upgrade” board available?