Prusa XL rumors

In replying to a different thread I found more rumors of the new Prusa XL. Tool changing function and networking (hopefully with the Prusa farm software) it sounds like quite an interesting machine. Prusa got behind everything when they switched the production run over to making shields, around 1/4 million! Crazy the time and cost is staggering to think on it.

Let’s hope October for the announcement.

If i remember correctly there are 2 or 3 printers they have in the works yet to be released. With the prisa mk4 and prusa xl as 2 of the rumoured ones to be released.

Im looking forward to seeing what comes out, and if its in the budget ill be trying to grab one.

I love my prusa mini, and respect the mk3s, but im waiting for an updated mk3s, so likley the mk4 if/when its released.

ohh me too. I pretty much decided I’d buy a Prusa next. I’ve been so busy I’ve even not printed anything in a week so I expect you all to keep me posted heh!

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As soon as something of interest surfaces ill post it somewhere here.

The mini is defidently pretty solid