Purple Glue Stick bed adhesive

I have lots of questions but I will start with a fairly simple one. Can you use purple glue stick application more than once?
I have had fairly good results with PLA and Elmer’s Extra Strength Purple glue stick but I have been washing it off and reapplying for each print. I tried using the same application on two subsequent prints and did not get as good a result. But this could have been because of other factors.
Does anyone know the definitive answer?

Yes, you can use it again, but if I have issues with a particular print, I’ll just throw another layer on, or clean and reapply if it’s troublesome. Honestly though, keeping my first layer speed between 15 and 45mm/s depending on which filament type in using has helped most


I’ve kept putting glue stick on repeatedly just take your paint scraper and scrape it smooth in between that’s all I do and keep loading it on

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same here, I keep loading it on between prints, every couple of weeks I wash it clean in the laundry sink and start over.

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I apply it and use a slightly damp cloth and just smear it around between prints. Every few prints I add some more. I clean it off completely every few times I reapply. I think there is a 1000 ideas on this and none are better or worse just different. Once you find a way that works for you just stick with it.


Ha! … stick with it …


Thanks for everyone who replied. I guess your answers tell me that Purple Glue Stick is not affected by the heat of the bed. However, last night I forgot ( I will blame the dog for distracting me!) to apply the glue stick until after the bed had heated up and I got a “brillo pad”. The previous print to this one, very similar, same set-up, but with the glue stick applied first, came out perfectly. Anyone got a “magic bullet” that will make every print perfect??

If there is magic bullet for printing I want it too. Or for any other problem! LOL.


I do tend to pre-heat my bed, but only to about body temperature before adding the glue stick.
I will try the washing, as I tend to scrape the residue off every 3 or 4 projects.

Bought a pack of 3 from CT and it worked as good as i was expecting. Printed 72 Hr print and it was good. No warping or any lift up either. I put only one layer and washed it after a print. Second time i apply and printed twice and it still worked. I think i can’t go more then twice on single layer application. But, it was 6 bucks for pack of 3 and its a cheaper solution than anything else.

I guess I should count myself lucky, I’ve never had to use any type of glue stick of hair spray with wither of my build surfaces. Anytime a print fails to stick I just wash the build surface with soap and water and problem solved. My build surfaces are the original Creality magnetic build matt and a spring steel sheet with PEI on one side