Quality Replacement Dual Gear Extruder for Ender 3 Pro

As the subject says, I am trying to find a replacement for the crappy extruder that comes with this printer. The Creality one would be my go to however it is not dual geared. The dual geared ones on Amazon seem hit or miss as to whether they are actually any good and whether they are direct replacements for this printer.

From your collective experiences, is there something you can recommend short of going for the Micro Swiss direct drive extruder? ` That one, while nice, is a bit expensive for me right now and I am really just looking for an extruder instead everything that the Swiss one is.

Thanks for your help and suggestions

EDIT: Additionally, will the CR-10 dual gear extruder which is available from Creality work on the ender 3 without modification? I see some suggestions that it may, however this is unverified.

The cheap red dual extruders you get from Amazon work but the gears are in contact with the frame and gradually grind it away. It is possible to modify them so that they don’t do this but you would have to be willing to do this.

Yeah, I figured as much with those which is why I was looking for something better quality. I think the dual gear extruder for the CR-10 you can get from Creality will work?

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Yes, there is absolutely a quality upgrade, It’s actually from Microswiss. Duel gear, Super high quality and is a direct bolt-in. ( I think you will have to adjust the esteps but that’s it.

There is actually a review from a customer that bolted it to an Ender 3 with a pic.

Hope this helps.