Question about extruder fans

I put a creality direct drive set up and creality 300°C hot end but my side fan looks way to low. How do i fix this?

check what the fan speed is set at in your slicer file, or is this upon start up? If so is there a setting you can pull up in tuning to change the fan speed?

Sorry i didnt mean fan speed, i meant that the fan itself seems to low under the nozzle. Like the fan will hit the bed before the nozzle would.

Looks like an ender 3 neo?? I believe the part fan mounts to a plate which bolts onto the carriage. You might be able to “slot” the mounting holes so you can raise the fan bracket. The front shroud also looks very low. You will probably have to raise the touch probe as well. Another option would be to check Thingiverse for printable components that work with your setup.

I really wouldnt be able to print without that fan though right? I dont have the stock setup anymore.

You can’t print PLA.

Have you checked sites like Thingiverse to see if somebody else has had the same problem and come up with a solution (that you can print in something like ABS which doesn’t need a part cooling fan).


I should point out that you will still need a heatsink cooling fan - but that should be fairly easy to rig up (Duct tape and wire) for a single print.

I looked for a little bit and saw a few that might work. Ill order some abs and print something out to see what will work

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