Question about Micro Swiss NG Extruder

I recently purchased an NG extruder, and have been having clogs with Eryone dual color silk PLA. I’ve dried it for days, and run it straight out of my filament dryer. I’ve printed it from 190 to 210, but it always jams. Sometimes early in the print, sometimes near the end, but I’ve never had a successful print with it. The dual gears end up grinding a groove into the filament, and it’s stuck.
I’m printing with a 0.6 nozzle at 40mm/sec, 2mm retraction @60mm/sec, acceleration 500/jerk 8.
I’m not sure whether the feed tension screw would affect this at all.

sounds like heat creep

This doesn’t happen with any other PLA, not even other silks.

Two questions:

  1. Can you try the problematic material on another printer that you know can print silk PLAs without problem?
  2. Have you contacted the manufacturer about your problems?

I’d really take the thing apart while clogged and see where the clog is happening. try rubbing a white cloth on the filament and see if there is any kind of dust on it. I have a roll of soft PLA here that I think has cornstarch or talc on it.

2mm retraction on a direct drive seems really, really high to me. I don’t have an NG, but on my “regular” MicroSwiss direct drive on an Ender-5 I use 0.8mm retraction.

The first time I printed with silk filament was when the printer was still a bowden setup, and the silk needed less retraction than regular PLA so I had a filament override in PrusaSlicer. Then I did the mod, and months later tried to print in silk - having completely forgotten about the filament override. Well, of course it was retracting way to far and clogging. In that case, it was a 5mm retraction - but I wonder if something similar is happening to you?

I don’t have any other printers up and running atm, but this printer does print other silk PLAs without issue. I contacted the manufacturer, and they said to print slower. I’ve come down to 30mm/sec, but it doesn’t solve the issue.