Raspberry pi 400

Ha anyone used a pi 400 to connect to 3d printers and alter firmware? I have fought with connecting a Mac to some printers but the lack of drivers makes it complex.I thought bephaps a pi 400 would be a cheap alternative if it can do it.

I use a couple pi 4’s to run Octoprint for my printers, I am just assuming a pi400 should be able to do it too, just with a keyboard added on.

I’ve seen a plugin for flashing firmware but I’ve never tried it out. Firmware Updater

I also really like how Octoprint lets you access terminal commands for the printers for altering small things.

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I might reconfigure my network to allow octoprint. can you update firmware through it or do you still need a direct connection?

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Your PI400 will need to be wired to the printer physically, but the connection from the PC to the PI can be wireless. Unless I’m mistaken!

But you’ll need a cable going into the printer from the PI at all times to feed the printer commands.

It looks like you’ll need a add-on to Octoprint to flash firmware, I haven’t tried it yet but many people online say it works.

If your thinking of running Octoprint full time, there are some really cool advantages and some big drawbacks, but for me the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

The killer is no PC, apple. The purse is flawless, the sidewinder, no driver, you can mess with home-brew drivers but it is cludge.

I had hoped to use a Pi instead of a PC. I got frustrated by the whole printer many times the lie it is mac comparable is just one of the frustrations.

Actually, I say PC just becuase that is what I am sitting at.
Octoprint is actually browser based! I can access things from my phone if i really wanted to, I just much prefer sitting at my PC.

I’m pretty sure you can get it running with a Mac then just accessing Octoprint from the PI’s IP address.

Sorry I was being dense. I have used octoprint with the purse not the sidewinder. That bloody thing needs a firmware change and I needed a pc for that I was just hoping to bypass buying one for only that. I et what you are saying now. Use the Pi run onto print and connect wirelessly to the printer. I might try that. perhaps a pi zero first or the like.