Raspberry Pi boards

Ouchie wowie!
Have you seen the prices? What is a poor nerd to do?
I want to save my ender 6 from the landfill by converting to klipper but need 3, 4, or Zero 2w to proceed.
Anyone feeling charitable enough to sell me one at pre-pirate prices?

Ouch is right. I just did the same thing and remembered I had a 3 buried in a box in a drawer I had forgotten about!

I was buying arduino boards left and right a year ago, just in case. Never thought I might need a raspberry.

Sorry, I use old laptops with Pronterface.

I do have a few Arduinos that could use some lovin’.

But scroll down…
Out of stock.

oops sorry we ordered 30 for classes in January, I didn’t look.

OTHS? I heard about that.

If you’re willing to buy the starter kit they are apparently in stock.

I grabbed a couple of MKS Pi V1.1 on AliExpress. Similar to a Pi, but you need a Wifi dongle in a USB slot.
Is around 62 bucks, but you have to wait for the delivery.

You really need to be careful and understand exactly what you are buying when you purchase something that is “Similar to a Pi”. Many of these devices cannot run Klipper and its frontends (Mainsail and Fluidd) but they can usually run OctoPrint without problem with Marlin firmware.

I’m assuming that you’ve purchased:

Note that they are running a custom version of Klipper and not one the genuine one.

This is important to know because the Klipper team will not support this version of Klipper for the MKS PI v1.1 or other forked versions - they will refuse to answer even basic Klipper set up and operating questions for anything other than their genuine article. From what I’m seeing on various Klipper forums, support for manufacturer specific Klippers is essentially non-existent.

Right now, it seems like 1G and 2G rPI 4Bs are available at around $150 and $185 CAD, respectively. Raspberry Pi availability and cost will return to pre-Covid levels in 2Q 2023, so you may want to wait a few months and get the genuine article.

I did do research prior to making a purchase and yes, it does run Klipper as well as Mainsal, Fluidd & Octoprint

To comment further, I am currently running an Ender 3 Max using the MKS Pi V1.1 with Klipper and Fluidd.