Raspberry Pi boards

Ouchie wowie!
Have you seen the prices? What is a poor nerd to do?
I want to save my ender 6 from the landfill by converting to klipper but need 3, 4, or Zero 2w to proceed.
Anyone feeling charitable enough to sell me one at pre-pirate prices?

Ouch is right. I just did the same thing and remembered I had a 3 buried in a box in a drawer I had forgotten about!

I was buying arduino boards left and right a year ago, just in case. Never thought I might need a raspberry.

Sorry, I use old laptops with Pronterface.

I do have a few Arduinos that could use some lovin’.

But scroll down…
Out of stock.

oops sorry we ordered 30 for classes in January, I didn’t look.

OTHS? I heard about that.

If you’re willing to buy the starter kit they are apparently in stock.