RC fans in the place? :p

Hey! :stuck_out_tongue:
Any rc fans here? My son is a big fan of wastelands, madmax, zombie apocalypse etc. So i decided to make a 1/10 body for one of our RCs, inspired by the wastelands and everything around that…

I made this around a modular chassis, consisted in three different main parts. This, In the optic to do other models later, using the same base in every project. I have also included a magnetic hood to have quick access to the front pins.

Also, all parts are easily replacable. You dont need to re-print the whole truck section if you break something. Everything (except the three main frames) is made to be a relatively quick print.

It was my really first attempt and im glad how it came out. :slight_smile: Im hesitating now between leaving it has is, or painting it.

As usual, comments are welcome!!

Have a nice day!!! :sunny:


Painting would be cool to add a bit more grit and weathering to it but it would take away from the ease of replacing bits that break.
I think it does look pretty nice as is without doing any further finishing.

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I totally agree with you Blair. And that was my major concern. It would have been great to have some weathering on it, but ill keep it has is, will be much more easier to replace parts, make some updated parts/packages and work around it… Thank you sir. :slight_smile: