Re resticking to the bed

I am running an Ender 3 V2 with Jyers firmware. Last night at 1:00 am we had a power cut when I was 68% thru a 2 day print. When I got to it in the morning everything was cold. I asked for a continue and everything went OK. However, when the printer restarted the print shifted on the bed so I lost time and a lot of filament.
So my question is, has anyone manged to restick the print to the bed when it looks as if it might move or if it has moved?

Having a print shift/lift after a power loss of anything but the shortest time is pretty much a given. Print bed materials loose their grip. This is why CHEP (You Tube) says that using glass and glue is still the best surface since the glue will hold prints down somewhat after a power out. I know that some people have sprayed Auqanet down under a loose print on a flat surface, like glass but probably wouldn’t work on a “modern” bed surface.

Thanks Loosenut, I was pretty sure that I had lost that print but I just wanted to see if anyone had a magic solution. If it ever happens again I will try spraying with Aquanet.
Which brings up another thought, is anyone usuing a backup power system? Proberbly not enough power to last all night, as in my case but it might help in some situations.

Hey, @Geff you must be in Hamilton, the Stoney Creek area. I managed to collect 18 Failed Prints sat night due to the power failure. The other 32 were good,

Same situation here though, Glass with Glue was the one that held up the best.

I did see a YouTube vid where someone used a hot glue gun to anchor a partially lifted print, I think to glass but not sure. Once it pops off it would be impossible to get the alignment right when trying to reposition a failed print.

P.S. there are proprietary products that can be used instead of glue. I haven’t tried then so I don’t know how well they work but some have a good rep.