Recommendations for replacement build plate Ender 5 plus

Hi Everyone, my glass plate is badly warped and I have to replace it. I was wondering what you would recommend. I was looking at Wham Bam but also open to suggestions!

Can I ask how you warped your glass plate?

I would think it would break before bending/warping…

it can flex a bit depending on how its secured to the bed.

I too am curious how your printbed is warped, but i can comment of after going to spring steel sheets, i havent really used glass since. Mostly beacuse theres no worry about the filament ripping the steel unlike chunks of glass. Specifically i cant say any particular brands to lean towards as I have a prusa mini and have bought after market beds from ali express. Most brands seem to be about the same, though if anyone comes out with a “satin” sheet it might be worth the investigation. Prusa’s satin sheet is pretty hard to beat.

it is very warped left to right about a 2mm+ difference…it took me a while, a lot of troubleshooting and speaking to techs to determine it. it was tightly secured, apparently it is not that uncommon and Creality is brutal if you try to go after them for the warranty. I was surprised as I did not think a glass bed would be warped…


I’ve never heard of that.

You probably don’t want to hear this, but the fastest way to get up and running is to get another glass sheet.

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I can still print I just have to be careful re the first few layers and use the glue…for now it is working ok…i’ve been printing this long with it. I had not heard of it either…in fact it had not even occurred to me as a possibility until I spoke to the techs here at 3d Print Canada and he suggested some thing to troubleshoot and to check the bed for a warp…everything else was fine but when i checked i was astounded

I went through 3 glass beds to get a mostly level one my first was easily 2mm out. The second was as well. In my case the seller (not 3dpc) replaced one under warranty. The other I got tired of waiting. (3 weeks for a reply on every email)

I did a few things that seemed to help. It seemed to me there was too much tension when the heating element and post were applied. I loosened all the corners as loose as I could before the fell off and heated the bed to ten degrees below the maximum temp for an hour then allowed it to cool. Then back up to the same temp for a second hour and cool 5 times. The bed in my case after was dramatically better. It might not work for you but far less cost and head ache that a new bed system. Any system that piggy backs on the warped bed will be warped too. It means rebuilding the bed no matter what.

This is worth a try as it is cheaper and less invasive. You will need to level it (duh) after you are finished the cycling.

Sorry what do you mean by “too much tension when the heating element and the post were applied”?

I’m guessing you’re talking about the heated bed and if there was so much force applied by the heated bed that it was no longer flat - why wouldn’t you replace the heated bed rather than the glass?

The heat pad is bonded to the glass, the posts are glued. I tried three beds all were warped so just replacing it means either rebuilding the design with something totally new, or flatting the glass. I read someplace that cycling the bed from high heat to cool multiple times helped. It did for me so I didn’t need to buy yet another different bed and adapt it. Poor construction. It is common on the x1s.

I have a similar situation with my Ender 3 Max.
The print bed has warped over time - it was flat at first, but kept on getting worse.
It isn’t only the glass, but the underlying print bed is warped as well.

I’d look at g10.