Recommended G-code classes for 3d printers?

I am not sure if this should be in fliers or printers.
I recently needed to change the g-code for my X1 (correcting the bed not powering down after a print) That worked quite well.

I realize I am just coping and pasting with little understanding.

Is there a good place to learn G-code?

It looks like lines can be added and subtracted but I am guessing from doing a bit of Apple scripting there are things you can change and things you can’t. I am just beginning to look at such things if there is a simple to follow guide I’d be very appreciative!


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Here is a list, at least, of the available G-codes for Marlin.


@Glenn that looks great! Thank you! My experience level this is still fraught with questions, how to string code together, what formatting is critical and what isn’t. I am assuming that the space ; space is important but for all I know the spaces are not important.

I don’t have any experience with C. I have a bit of swift. If there is a basic working with g=-code guide of how and when to string codes together and rules of what you can omit and can’t would be fantastic. I know there are a lot out there but if anyone had a good one, a good basic one it would speed the time it takes to start.

The only one I know of is this one. it’s CNC but it’s basically all the same just that there are some machine specific do’s and don’ts

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@Glenn Thank you that is a HUGE Help!

This might take a minute…