Reducing Travel

I have adjusted many settings in Cura 4.8 to try and optimize the printing path to reduce the long travel across the part and from slots on opposite sides, but nothing really makes much difference.

Combing and seam settings make the biggest difference, but still not great.

It is basically a box with slots on 3 sides. The same box with no slots does not have any travel across the floor. I expected the slotted box to be sliced the same way.

Any suggestions?

I noticed this about Cura too many seemingly nonsensical, unorganized long rapids. I thought there should be some way to change the order of the tool path but didn’t find any. One other thing I noticed with some of the infills is the paths cross on the same layer so on one layer it’ll cross one way across the layer and then cross back on a diagonal but still on the same layer and the print head hits the last layer on every rung as it goes. I started using gyroid and it happens a lot less.