Replace Extruder Driver

Hello all … I haven’t used my printer in a while … started the printer up and part way through printing and the extruder Stepper Motor started stuttering as the best way to describe it … I’m suspecting the Driver for the Stepper to be bad … is there an easy way to replace these … and will I need to replace with an original one?

Thanx for any and all help


Depends on the MB. Some drivers can unplugged from the board and be replaced, some cannot. If your MB is of the latter kind then replacing the drivers is practically impossible unless you can find the right driver, remove the old one and solder the new one in place without damaging the MB. Beyond the skill level of most of us. In that case the MB needs to be replaced. Are you sure it is a bad driver?

Hi and Thank You for your reply … from my research it’s usually the Stepper Driver that goes before a Stepper Motor … my particular Motherboard has the sockets that you can unplug and plug in a new one … but mine has 5 of them and not marked which one is for what ?


I’ve never had a stepper driver go bad and it’s highly unlikely that would happen unless you drew more than it’s rated current (for an extended period of time).

Could I suggest that you check your cable? If you lose one of the four conductors the motor won’t move properly and could do the stuttering that you are describing. Same thing if a connector is bad.

Good luck.

Thank You for your reply … I will take up your suggestion and go over the printer.
I won’t be able to look at it until next and will report back.

Thanx again


My x1 the stepper drivers are original, just aboutnthe only thing that is. I needed to replace the main board the one I am waiting for will be its third. I also replaced the two jumper boards as well. I also replaced 2 of the steppers. I replaced the ribbon cable because I didn’t’t like the look of it but it appeared to be working just fine.

I hope you don’t have the issues I have had with it. Mine has been a LEMON!!! There is very little not replaced on mine. Hey this Christmas it will be two years old.

The fifth one might be for a dual Z axis drive, some boards have two for the z Axis. You can probably trace the connection wires back to each stepper and see which one is which.

I’m hoping it’s something simple … I can’t wait until mu Prussa XL ships ! :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea for tracing the wires … I’ll check for loose wires and connections then trace

Thanx again