Replaced parts, now flashing

I have had some issues, replaced my screen, control board and heat cartridge and thermistor.

Now I think it’s just finding the right firmware for an ender5 pro, with a 4.2.7 board, a touch screen (the creality touch screen) and a bltouch. LOL

Any help on that would be appreciated,
I tried with the following file

Marlin2.0.1 BLtouch V1.3.1with-adapter board firmware TMC2225(temporary).bin

And the screen showed the creality logo and a bar but went no further…

Is this the right firmware to use? Is there an add on I need for the touch screen?

I really have no experience with your printer or that board. I can only add that my printer has separate firmware for screen and main board. When loading the firmware for the screen the main board must be disconnected from it. The screen board will power from the computer so you can load it before installation.

There’s no way to do that with this screen I think,
It wants you to flash it using a memory card in the printer.

Everything works except the screen, I connected the printer to pronterface and I can extrude, heat the bed and end, the bl touch seems to be working (cant run auto lvl without screen) and home the printer with no issues.

I just need to sort out the screens firmware

I also I also just figured out my board has built in ports for a filament runout and bltouch, so I can get rid of that hokey adapter board, and get myself a runout sensor

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So I figured out that the touch screen is no longer supported by creality for this printer, so I got a new analog screen, and that my bltouch adapter board was causing an issues, I pulled it, started the printer with just the screen attached and flashed the printer agian. Reconnected my bltouch adapter board, and BAM working printer!
Now to figure out a bracket for the filament sensor…

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