Replacement touch screen for Cocoon Create / Wanhou i3 plus

Anyone have any parts for this printer? The touchcscreen for my Cocoon Create has just died and would seem to be pretty much unrepairable. Being around 5 years old parts are not that readily available.

I’ve found one or two Aliexpress sellers but rather buy local (Australia) if possible, or possibly 2nd hand from someone here?

Part number is DMT48270M043_05WT

Dmt48270c043_06w 4.3 Inch Cost-effective Dgusii Serial Port Screen Low-power Music Playback - Replacement Parts - AliExpress

Part number slightly different and PCB looks a little different. At that price it may be worth a try?

we may have one left in the store. Let me check

I have double-checked, we did have one for a while on the shelf, but it has since sold.