Reprap and Duet 6HC


I am looking for help with an 6HC set up

Is a generic diagram available the IO’s are not like the duet2 and would like to see a general wire up for one?
would someone be interested in exchange for guidance its slightly technical as there is a heated chamber and a purge box and flicker brush behind the bed. for the ABL Its a mechanical switch known as pick and stow style its a 4 wire Optical switch that triggers the heights
and also setting the spacing with octoprint and yat or alike

i have been on the duet forum but not much is for the 6hc and printers i find mostly duet 2 there is but limited in comparison

i herd IO7 is best for the ABL …

Here is the overview including the Pin Names

The 4 pin outputs i.e. out4, out5, out6 all have the tach signals on them so you are able to monitor for functioning fans, another nice safety feature

Their new spec page is a bit of a hack between the Mini 5+ and the 6HC but I will give you the info I have

Here is the original Dozuki docs

if you need anything else just let us know.

Sorry, I jumped a little quick into the answer;

Welcome to the forum, I’m glad you found us. Hope to see you here often. Are you building something custom or doing a rework on an existing printer?

thank you Jason i will start there
yes i am building a dimension 768 to open
i have just about all the hardware and wiring set to go now and has a chamber that will be run off mains power tru an SSR 3-32 vdc control side
and an pick and stow type ABL that has deploy and retract tabs behind the bed
the end stops are 2 wire optical switches abl is 4 wire witch needs a resistor to get 180 ohms resistance tru blk and red led side
the canister load and latch is manual outboard buttons as are the chamber fans and allways on cabinet fans and switched lights it all works 100% even a head blower fan

I have used Johnathan for my set up with my duet2 in the past and wish i could again he was great i would like to find someone to aide with the trickery of the initial set up if possible as i am not good with codes unless i work backwards which will take whats seems like forever

I would post the progress if you have someone that can guide me tru initial set up of RRF and config.g ect… as the project is semi private as to where and what components are used to make it work i am hoping there is you or someone like Johnathan to get me close to set

either way thank you for your reply and direction to some layouts on the 6HC
and the project is a conversion from ssys to open
i would also take referrals should this service not be available or possible any longer.
any suggestions are appreciated as well

ok so i have your Duet daughter board but the version on the pcb V0.2 which is apparently not a thermocouple daughter board its a k type thermocouple daughter board and has me confused further your ad notes duet TC daughter board but the chip version says its only an 31855 chip not an 31856 chip which supports thermocouples B,E,J,K,N,R,S,T types when i look its version up its super old which is K only type thermocouple daughter board and this one may look like it useless to me as i got if for a J type thermocouple
glad i looked no damage thankfully you should have them update if so! but if you could please confirm what i have? the newest one is still older not sure why i would get old old stock or know there ever was different versions because it not noted in the ad what it is or not other than they all now support the 8 different types

and if they don’t have me the correct one do you have a way i can use my J type thermocouple in my 6HC?
i guess ya never know what ya have until ya have it…

could i ask is this correct or normal with typical numerical allowcations to components ?



IO1 x stop XEOT
IO2 y stop YEOT
IO3 EMG stop/Hault/zEOT

always on VIN to center pin for always on fans at VIN


out0 bed heater
out1 nozzle heater
out2 chamber SSR control 15 mA 3-32 VDC bang bang trigger
out3 Nothing
out4,5,6 not used no 4 wire w tach fans
out7,8,9 PWM fans


temp0 bed
temp1 nozzle heater
temp2 chamber thermocouple daughter board to j type

HI Rex

You do have a lot going on there. The Last post looks logical, As long as you name the driver correctly it really doesn’t matter which driver you use for any Axis. Sometimes it just comes down to wiring length believe it or not. Just remember if you are using multiple end stops per axis note that you attach them in the correct order although it does not look like you are doing that style of Cartesian.

I will have to dig into the daughtercard question and see what it does support, It is a clone unit however it’s supposed to be identical to the Duet version. I will look further into it and get back to you.

I am sure anyone with DUET experience can jump in on the thread and give you a hand. If it’s something outside of the forum I am sure someone can help there. If you post the updates here though it could be a learning experience for anyone wanting to set something like this up.

Calling all RRF guys request for aide in set up of cartiesian on 6HC with single extruder 3 xyz motors SSR and j thermocouple with ABL pick and stow

Hope your weekend was good thanks Jason for looking into the thermo daughter PCB for me thanks in advance.
as for set up help i am surprized the board has been out for a few years now…and am the only guy to use xyz and E and complie a cartesian on a printer is suprizing i did find the 6XD not 6HC board has usable info as to allocations of EOT and axis heaters and such that was helpful

can I post a wanted ad for help with rrf in set up of 6HC in cartesian printer compling configs here with a reward todo so? not sure if this is allowed or not but i am willing to pay somone for time spent.
please advise…

as for johnathan…do you not have any referals for a guy like Johnathan??? do you plan on getting a replacement for what he did?or was his position removed as to somthing like liability?

Hi @Rexx

Absolutely you can post up in the want ads section of the Forum. We tried to give our users a spot for everything.

so I got confirmation back, the ones we sell are the 1.0

Duet Spec on it is here; Duet3D Thermocouple daughterboard | Duet3D Documentation

Hope this helps, Type K only.