RepRap's new open-source software 3D prints PLA beams as stiff as steel

Well this is certainly neat…

Out of curiosity, I’m printing one in PLA.

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I will be very curious to see how it comes out!!

It should be ready around 11AM.

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Almost there…


Exciting! Is there a connector or anything to join two end to end (if you don’t have an infinite print bed)?

Well, it’s definitely one of the ugliest prints I’ve had in a a while, but then again, I don’t usually do things that are all that geometrically complex.There’s a fair amount of stringing on the inside and getting the supports out of the bolt holes in the ends was fun.
I had thought the printer would do better with bridging. I had run a “How far can you bridge?” test a few months ago, albeit with a different filament, and got some surprising results (150mm without appreciable sagging) but it seems to me I had bridging enabled in Cura and I forgot to set it this time.

It is remarkably stiff (or I’m remarkably weak), so now I want to find a bunch of bricks and see what it can hold.

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I’d be interested to see not only how much it can hold horizontally but also how much load it can handle vertically. Seems like it should be a lot…