Reprint my childhood


This is epic! :exploding_head:
I’m assuming the joints move and fold?

It does, yeah. I had just enough time to get him together last night, haven’t transformed him yet. Will post another picture when I do

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that’s amazing, all the gen Xers on here will totally appreciate that and smile

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Awesome! 2 Thumbs up!!

Glad you did Laserbeak too. Are you going to do Ravage, Rumble too?

+1 for Ravage, lol

I’d like to print those but So far I haven’t found any great recreations of either ravage or rumble. There’s a passable ravage on cults but it’s kind of janky.

The soundwave and laserbeak prints are from Maxlab on cults

I’ll be doing optimus next since I think I have the colours already. Hound after that

Speaking as a late, border-line baby boomer, McDonalds had some of these as Happy Meal toys when I was a kid. Obviously not the ones shown here, but earlier versions. I had a McDonalds one that converted into a fighter jet and had a small pull-back motor in it to make it roll when it was a fighter and “walk” when it was a robot. They’re older than you think.

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